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Huawei e 173 unlocking method & Trick

Huawei e 173 unlocking method.

huawei e 173 supplied by airtel comes pre configured. you can unlock it to use it with any sim as you wish. the procedure to unlock e 173 is simple.
first you need to update the firmware of huawei e 173.  download the firmware update from here
  1. Download e 173  updater from Here
  2. double click the file to launch the e 173 updater.
  3. accept the terms and conditions for e 173 updater.

    huawei e 153 u-1 updater home screen

  4. e 173 updater  window will now start searching for device.
    e 173 update unlock

    huawei e 153 u-1 firmaware updater

  5. when you click next a warning window appears. 
  7. click start.
  8. make sure that your battery backup is full while updating your e 173.
  9. now in some cases it may ask you for the password.
  10. to generate flash code password for huawei e 173 follow these steps.
  • download the huawei e 173 code generator software from here.
  • Password for rar file is ‘Huawei’
  • type in the iemi number of your e 173 modem.
  • click generate.
  • you will get two codes in the box one is unlock code and the other is flash code.e173 flash code generator screen shot
  • copy the 8 digit flash code, marked with red ellipse.
  • this 8 digit flash code is the password for the e 173 updater.
now you can enter this password and and update your firmware to an unlocked version. and enjoy using your huawei e 173 modem with any of the service provider you want. for unlocking e 173 in this method you don’t need to change the sim to another provider to unlock, you can change the sim once the update is finished. this method of unlocking is useful for those whom the normal sim changing method produces error message as “only the specified sim/usim card can be used on the device”. this method works for sure and i have done it myself on airtel e 173 modem
to make call from your huawei modem you can use this huawei mobile partner software which works with all sims. visit huawei mobile partner page to read more about it.

if you have any problem with doing the update or unlock please comment. and if the post was helpful to you please don’t forget to thank.


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