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Huawei UMG 1831


Anonymous said...

I am using a macbook pro with Mac OS X Lion (10.7.3) and was thinking about buying UMG 1831. so will it work on my macbook with OS X Lion?
if yes then how should I install the drivers for mac and dashboard?

i am a completely newbie on 3G modems and macbook! so please guide me step by step what should I exactly do to make it work. should i install the drivers first then the dashboard and firmware etc.. also are these drivers for mac or windows?

Thanks a lot!

Dimitri said...

when i connect the umg 1831 on my mac, it doesn't detect anything... i'm so frustrated... can anyone help? it's like the computer does not recognize anything... i tried connecting to my windows PC as well... same thing happen... not even the disk drive is detected

vinu said...

I have this device but I am unable to use its USSD function. Can you let me know how to USSD in mobile partner..

Unknown said...

i cannot make voice call from my UMG 1831..... what should I do... Is there any firmware undate which can make available this function in my device?

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