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Huawei E156


Anonymous said...

To unlock simply enter your IMEI number in this calculator here:

Then you put in a sim card from another provider, when it prompts you for the unlock code in the huawei software you can enter it. Enjoy.

Kudo Shinichi said...

any mirror for Huawei E156 Driver?
better if u upload it to another file hosting
that support download resume such as mediafire
cuz i can't download it from filepost
thank you for your attention

mukesh said...

there s no IMEI no.. whre can i find???

Domi said...

Is there a dashboard for e156g that is able to make calls?

Unknown said...

I have this error message :

the data card can't be found. error code:2
one of the following reasons may cause the error:
a. the data card is not properly connected to pc.
b. other program is using the data card.
c. you do not have the authority of the administrator.

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